Kent County Jail Ministry

For many years, certain members of Seventh have taken part in the ministry to female inmates at the Kent County Jail on the third Sunday evening of every month, by conducting a 40-minute Bible study. On these afternoons we usually bring the lesson to two different groups, but sometimes we present the lesson three times the same afternoon. The lessons are to be given by a man and woman team from our church, and anywhere from 8 to about 16 women come to each session. They come on a voluntary basis; the ones not willing to come in that section have to stay in their cells while the lesson is presented. The lessons are given in the day area of each pie-shaped section.

We present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to these women in a very personal, but also a very simple way because some of them are complete strangers to the Word of God. We talk about sin and tell them about Jesus, the only One that can change their hearts. Only the Lord knows the result of our efforts. We sow the seed; God will give the increase if He so pleases (Isaiah 55:6–11).

Please pray for God’s continued blessing upon this work.