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Welcome, for a list of sermons broadcast on Truth for Today in Europe, click here!

Seventh Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan (www.7thref.org), is pleased to announce a contract with Pan American Broadcasting to air weekly on Voice of Europe (1368 kHz, 846 kHz, and 567 kHz) as from December 6, 2015. The thirty-minute radio programme, titled “Truth for Today”, will air in English, and will feature the expository ministry of senior minister Dr Tim J. R. Trumper. The broadcast can be heard on Sunday evenings on all AM frequencies and on Internet streaming at the local time of 7:30–8:00 p.m., repeated at 11:30 p.m.–Midnight (CET [GMT +1]). Broadcast from Padua, Northern Italy, “Truth for Today” will reach Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, parts of Southern Germany and Southern France, and Vatican City. The streaming is available on IRRS/EGR channel (at http://www.egradio.org), and through multiple random plays over the week on All Gospel Radio 24/7 (also streaming at http://www.egradio.org).

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Seventh Reformed Church has a long history in radio broadcasting, having aired two Sunday services on radio over much of West Michigan since 1960, and, for a period of time, nationwide across America. Now, sensing the need of the hour in Europe, Seventh Reformed Church welcomes prayer for the broadcasts and solicits help in making them known in the region. Seventh Reformed Church encourages listeners regardless of background, and will be looking to connect those interested in the broadcasts to local Bible-believing churches. Thank you for your interest.