Seventh’s Vision Statement

“Seventh prayerfully desires a more vibrant and diverse covenant community through spiritual growth and compassionate outreach, communicating the gospel by Word and deed.”

The Vision Statement serves to supplement the Mission Statement by envisioning the effective accomplishment of the mission. The Vision Statement contains six strategic elements, as agreed upon at the 2009 Leadership Vision Retreat.

Strategic Element #1: Christianity

Our goal is to remain faithful to our triune God, emphasizing the centrality of the cross through the preaching and teaching of his Word, prioritizing God’s will over our own, in desire of his blessing.

Strategic Element #2: Spirituality

We aim to become a congregation that focuses on prayer, becoming prayerful in the process, seeking the Lord’s blessing on the worship, fellowship, and service of the covenant community, which we aim in turn to support by prayer.

Strategic Element #3: Positivity

We seek the Lord’s grace for more praise, joy, satisfaction, hope, excitement, and friendship among our covenant community.

Strategic Element #4: Community

We seek a close, strong, and united community, which exhibits the love of Christ, regardless of class or race, age, or profession. In other words, we envision a community reflective of the society in which the church is located.

Strategic Element #5: Opportunity

We seek to spread the Word by lip and by life through outreach opportunities and activities, personal and neighborhood witness, by all means of communication, including the worldwide web, radio, and television.

Strategic Element #6: Multiplicity

We seek the Lord’s blessing on the use of the means he provides to grow spiritually and numerically across all age ranges of the church, including her student and professional sectors.

Passed by Consistory, December 7, 2009