Welcome to 7th Reformed Church!

Welcome to “Seventh”!

We are glad of your visit, and trust you gain from it at least a flavor of the ministry to which God has called us. If you have never been to the church, it is our hope that this cyber visit is but a precursor to a meeting in the flesh!

In these web pages you will find plenty of information about the church, but if there is appropriate data you need that you are not seeing, then please do e-mail the church office at 7thref@7thref.org or call 616-459-4451.

Besides advertising the worship and service opportunities at Seventh, we desire the website to be of educational value. There are plenty of sermon recordings available and also a selection of articles that can be downloaded for use. These we plan to add to over time.

If you have discovered Seventh’s website but have yet to discover the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we recommend for your consideration the text on the home page. Why not click on it and listen to its explanation? If you take away nothing else from your visit to our website, it is our prayer that you take away Christ as your Savior and Lord.

Thank you for visiting. Please do return!

Dr. Tim J. R. Trumper, Senior Minister
—on behalf of the congregation