What to Expect

We welcome new visitors!

If you have been personally invited to Seventh we look forward to meeting you, and to being of assistance in any questions you have about our community of faith. Depending on the nature of your invitation, your first visit may entail contact with a smaller group such as Christianity Explored, Griefshare, Divorce Care, or local district Bible study; or, attendance at a special Christmas or Easter service, or a typical Sunday worship service.

If you are contemplating coming alone, please see the home page for the dates of our upcoming small groups. Feel free to call the church office for any additional information you need (616-459-4451). If you would rather visit for the first time on a Sunday, our schedule typically runs as follows:

Time of informal prayer in the chapel: 9:15 a.m. The chapel is located at the end of the administrative wing (the Widdicomb end of the premises).  

Morning worship in the main sanctuary: 9:45 a.m. A greeter will point you in the direction of the sanctuary. The church is accessible to the disabled. The best doors for wheelchair access are found from the front parking lot. An elevator is located to the right of the Welcome Center. Take the elevator one floor up for the main sanctuary. If you are disabled, with young children, or hearing impaired, positioning in the annex may be more convenient for your worship.  

The service lasts an hour and a quarter. The minister will lead the service, but the bulletin will help you follow its sequence. The Bible version we use is the English Standard Version. You will find one near your seat. The worship includes a choral call to worship, an anthem, offertory piece and hymns related to the theme of the service. While the majority of the musical pieces are organ led, there is some variation from service to service with the use of other instruments. The sung elements include psalms and hymns (ancient and modern) which support the each worship service’s study of Scripture. Outlines are provided for help in following the sermon.   

We understand the choice of dress code to be a personal interpretation of reverence in worship. Parents with children are welcome. Our cheerful and well-equipped nursery is staffed by members of the church under the safeguard of an abuse policy. The nursery is located downstairs along the middle corridor. 

Our minister will welcome you. You will have an opportunity to meet with him at the front of the church following the service, especially if you have questions about the church or the sermon, or have any prayer requests. Although it is not expected that visitors will participate in the offering of monies during worship, feel free to fill out a visitor card, placing it in the offering plate as it passes by. Alternatively, you may also pass the card along to the minister, to an elder at an exit door as you leave worship, or simply leave it on your seat.    

Following worship: 11 a.m. Coffee is available outside the sanctuary. Just follow the crowd! While in the narthex, feel free to visit the Welcome Center for a “Welcome Pack” and other information. From 11:20–12:05 various junior and adult classes meet. These are listed each week in the bulletin. Members will gladly help you pick out a suitable one and direct you to it. Those making use of the elevator from the main sanctuary will need to go one floor down for the coffee, and a second floor down for those classes meeting downstairs.  

Evening worship in the main sanctuary: We prepare for evening worship by gathering in the main sanctuary at 5:50 p.m. for a ten minute song service. The service proper begins at 6:00 p.m. and is typically over by 7:10. The order of service is slightly shorter than the morning service, but includes the affirmation of the Apostles’ Creed. The sermon differs from the morning, although it sometimes follows on from the morning.

If you are a member of another church, but have no evening worship service, you are most welcome to join with us for ours. Nursery is available during this service, too.

Radio broadcasts of Seventh’s services follow on WFUR (see home page) at 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. While the broadcasts are no substitute for attendance, they can help press home the message of each service. Recordings of the services are also stored here on the church website.  

We look forward to seeing you!